In 2015, American RV Accessories started out by offering portable satellite mounts for recreational vehicles.  We did it because we already had the resources, skills and capabilities to do it professionally through our sister company, Bent River Tech, a prototyping machine shop in Vancouver, Washington.

While owning and operating his own RV home, the owner saw the need for improvements and came up with a solution to mount portable satellites on his RV ladder. After creating the prototype, mounting it, and seeing how well it worked, he thought it could sell in the marketplace.  Starting out in a garage on the property, the idea was born, and we began selling them on Amazon.  Our customers were happy, they gave us feedback and we implemented it. 

We are overwhelmed by the popularity of the solution.  Now we have moved out of our small garage machine shop into a full-scale production facility to serve our growing RV community.  We are a growing company and are always looking for new ideas, better products, and new ways to enhance your outdoor RV experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality craftsmanship, and brilliant solutions that will positively impact your outdoor recreational experience.